Sunday, April 12, 2015

In case you missed it . . .

April 2 was the big release day of my debut novel, 
Seeking LoveReviews are coming in, and I'm so excited that I'm giving away three signed paperbacks. Want one? 

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What are readers saying about Seeking Love?

“Seeking Love was a poignant and beautifully written love story about Jessica, a woman suffering from depression after some horrific personal experiences, and Matthew, the man secretly in love with her.

There were tons of magical moments between them, and the one-liners had me sighing or laughing out loud as fast as they came. The tension kept the story moving forward, and as their journey continued, there was enough mystery to make you go "Ahhh, so that's why that happened!" Matt's strength was the perfect foil for Jessica's weaknesses, and it became a lodestone of sorts, pulling her away from her darkness. But with any magnet, there has to be some metal in the object for it to attract to it, and Jessica's hidden inner strength was that metal. Her depression had taken over her life, painting her surroundings as only those who have suffered with it can tell you.

Despite her struggles, there was a theme of hope throughout which kept the story moving forward. It was a very real and captivating story with steamy, well-written love scenes. It's one of those reads you get lost in for hours and don't even realize it!

Great debut! I can't wait for Book 2!” ~Amazon Review

“I would highly recommend Seeking Love to anyone interested in a wonderfully funny and romantic novel. It grips you right from the very beginning. The main characters, Jessica and Matthew, will steal your heart right at the start. You feel what they feel. You learn about the darkness of depression. There is humor in the story and that just adds to characters personalities. You won’t be able to put the book down when you start. You just want to keep turning the page to find out what happens next. The romance is extremely hot and well written in the book. I love the way the author gives you the bits and pieces of the character throughout the story. The timing of each little look back in time, makes the story just come together smoothly. I loved the story and the characters. Every girl needs a Matthew in their life!!! I can’t wait for the next book!! Keep up the great writing J. M. Maurer.” ~Amazon Review

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