Friday, July 22, 2016

You Promised Me Forever – Lizabeth Scott up for Kindle Scout Program

You Promised Me Forever Lizabeth Scott up for Kindle Scout Program

ANNOUCING You Promised Me Forever, a new novel by the author of the Royal Vow and Hearts of Gold series, Lizabeth Scott. Liz’s new novel is up for nominations into the Amazon Kindle Scout program.

What’s the Amazon Scout program? It’s a reader driven publishing process that lets the readers tell Kindle Press the books THEY want to read. If, after an approximate 45-day vetting process that includes reader nominations, the book is selected to receive a publishing contract, anyone who nominated the book receives a free Kindle copy a week before the books release.

DESCRIPTION: As a young child, Nicole didn’t understand why her parents left. She awaited their return until she grew old enough to understand they never would.
William, the boy next door, made her feel safe and loved and later hurt her in the worst possible way.
Broken and questioning everything, Nicole moves to Alaska to heal and forget about the love she’ll never have.
William broke Nicole’s heart right along with his own. Now he wants a second chance. But will Nic ever love and trust him again?

I asked Liz for some background into the creation of You Promised Me Forever. Keep reading for her response.
Ideas for stories pop into my head all the time. I can’t control it! Sometimes an idea grabs hold and just won’t let go. That’s what happened with You Promised Me Forever. When the idea first came to me, I didn’t think I was at a point where I could tell the story and do it justice. This story certainly was a departure from my books about a family of Royals or funny and endearing sisters.
I dismissed the idea and focused on other works in progress. Over the next month these characters kept popping up. This could happen…and wouldn’t that be a great scene to write…how would they react to this happening. Then one day the perfect name popped up, Nicole Mary-Margaret Montgomery. Just like puppies…if you name it, it is yours. From that day on I had to start writing it all down. Throughout 2015 I worked on Nic and Will’s story between books of the Royal Vow Series. To date, this is the longest book I’ve written in word count and in time spent writing.
I hope Nic and Will grab a piece of your heart and just won’t let go!

Lizabeth Scott began making stories up as she played among the cows, horses, pigs and chickens of her family’s farm in Western, North Carolina. She read her first chapter book, Heidi, in elementary school and was hooked on creating alternate worlds where her imagination could run wild. Much like she did around the farm.

Over the years Lizabeth writing dreams were replaced with dreams of being a wife and mother. Now, years later that little spark that had been sizzling just under the surface burst into flames with a little fanning from one of Lizabeth’s favorite authors, Elizabeth Lennox.

In 2014 Lizabeth Independently published her first book, Sweet Surrender which turned into a 6 book Royal Vow Series.

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  1. Thank you so much JM for such an awesome blog spotlight in support of my Scout campaign! I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have about my book or the Scout program. Thanks again! Liz

    1. Always happy to help spread the word. Best of luck with your book! <3