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Christmas At The Inn On Main Street: Christmas at the Roses by Susan R. Hughes #Holiday #Romance #99cents

Christmas At The Inn On Main Street
The Authors of Main Street

Indie Artist Press is excited to offer this collection of five Christmas romance ebook novellas for a special holiday price in gratitude for all of our loyal readers, and for all readers who love a great love story. The Authors of Main Street is a delightful gathering of talented writers who hope you enjoy reading this collection as much as they have taken pleasure in creating it for you! Happy Holidays from the Authors of Main Street!

I'm thrilled to welcome USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and historical romance, Susan R. Hughes back to my blog. I love her stories, and I'm excited to share with you her latest release, Christmas at the Roses

Christmas at the Roses by Susan R. Hughes

All Ellie wants for Christmas is to avoid it altogether. Reeling from her broken romance with Spencer, she plans to spend the holidays at the historic Roses Inn writing her novel. Spencer has a plan of his own—to rekindle both her love for him and her fondness for the holidays. To win back her stubborn heart, he might just need a little help from the inn’s resident ghost.

This story takes place at the Roses Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, where Abby and Jason met and fell in love in Susan's popular novella Wine & Roses.

Christmas at the Roses

When the horse-drawn carriage turned onto Queen Street, Ellie straightened and pulled in a sharp breath. Hundreds of tiny coloured lights glistened along shop windows, around street lamps, and among the limbs of the trees lining the road. She twisted in her seat to catch a glimpse of the clock at the top of the cenotaph, glowing white against the indigo sky. Elation zipped through her chest before she had a chance to suppress it.

“Breathtaking, isn’t it?” Spencer asked.

“The lights are pretty,” Ellie admitted. She settled her gaze on him, studying the pink hue of his cheeks and nose, his full lips parted into a gentle smile, those sea-blue eyes that seemed to draw in every trace of light around him. Forget the holiday decorations—it was Spencer who stole her breath.

“You look happy,” he said. “Good. That’s all I wanted.” 

She arched an eyebrow. “That’s all you want?”

Spencer nodded. “The way you were when we were together. With or without me in your life, I want nothing but happiness for you, Ellie. I hope you know that.”

The long, tender look he gave her stirred a warm quiver in her belly. She didn’t protest when his fingers grazed the shoulder of her coat, then laced through the locks of hair resting there, letting the strands slip through.

His touch pulled her back in time to evenings spent in her apartment or at his house, when they’d sat glued to one another, talking, touching, kissing. Never imagining a future where they’d be apart.

Her heart pounded with a dull ache, yearning for those moments when she’d felt safe and thoroughly loved. Truly happy. Moments that had receded into memories.

Spencer dropped his hand to her arm, then her hand, wrapping his gloved fingers around hers. “Ellie, I’ve got to ask you something you might not want me to ask, but I have to.”

She stiffened, her gaze darting down to their clasped hands and then back to his face, trying to read his expression. She should’ve known. A man didn’t make a grand, romantic gesture like this for no reason. More likely it was the culmination of a plan that had begun yesterday when he stalked her through the streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake. A spark of anger tinged with apprehension tightened her insides.

“Yes?” she said quietly, steeling herself.

He drew a quick breath and asked with a hopeful tone, “Do you think you could open your heart to Christmas, just a crack?”

Ellie stared at him, her lips parting, though it took her a moment to form a reply. “That’s what you wanted to ask?”

Spencer nodded. “I think it’s time you let go of your grudge against the holidays, don’t you? I know you used to love Christmas when you were a kid. I never got to see that joy in your face. I figured I’d take one more shot at drawing it out of you.”

Ellie blew out a breath, though rather than relief, inexplicable disappointment stole through her, leaving a hollow void in her chest. “I did love Christmas. That’s why I wanted a Christmastime wedding. Then a week before Christmas, Joel…well, you know what he did. I guess the magic of the season fell victim to it as well.” She held his gaze, her eyes pleading for understanding. “I’m over Joel. I really am. But—”

Releasing her hand, Spencer touched the sleeve of her coat. “You don’t need to explain, Ellie. Just try to keep an open mind, all right? That’s all I ask.”

She bobbed her head. “All right.”

He turned away then, his gaze shifting to the grand Victorian building on the corner, the Prince of Wales Hotel, its white pillars and balconies strung with pine garlands and red bows.

Ellie fought to keep her smile from slipping, battling to hide the surge of muddled emotions that made the edges of her lips wobble. No proposal was coming. Of course not. He’d kept his promise not to bring up marriage again.

Confusion tumbled through her, mixed with anger turned on herself, squeezing the knot in her gut. She should be relieved rather than troubled. A dreamy carriage ride along a pretty street changed nothing between them. It only meant that Spencer still cared about her happiness—not that he still wanted her as his wife.

That was good.

Wasn’t it?

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for only 99 cents at Amazon.

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Christmas at the Granger Inn by Carol DeVaney

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Candi Cain Kisses by Nan O'Berry
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Candi Cain inherited the old Victorian from family. It’s a place she can call home, a place where all the worries in the world can be forgotten over a cup of hot chocolate and a homemade pastry. When Felicia Barlow and her father come for a stay, she feels drawn the child—a sense of déjà view, for just like Jonathan’s daughter, she experienced the loss of a loved one as a child. 
Can the wonders of the season and a little girl’s wish to Santa awaken two lonely hearts? Things look promising this holiday season at the Candy Cane Inn.


Christmas at the Inn on Main Street is a collection of five expertly-crafted romance books. Each novella in this Christmas romance 2016 collection from the Authors of Main Street will sweep you away to a cozy little hometown where Christmas fiction never made you feel quite so warm inside. Coming in at a whopping 500 pages for the print edition, these stories are filled with family, holiday spirit, a little intrigue, and more love than you can shake a reindeer antler at!  

Get your copy today and don't forget to check out the authors' additional offerings!

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    1. Hi, Kristy. Me too! What a great box set of holiday stories. :-)
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  2. Christmas at the Inn on Main Street bundle is packed with heartwarming stories! I have my book and can't read fast enough.

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  3. I loved Susan's book. Can't wait to read the whole set.

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