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Welcome to Serenity Harbor: IT HAD TO BE YOU by Kat Henry Doran #Romance #boxset

It Had To Be You
Kat Henry Doran

It Had To Be You, a contemporary romance by Kat Henry Doran

Meet Azrael Hanson from It Had To Be You, part of Welcome to Serenity Harbor, a Pine Tree State of Mind Anthology, release date November 10, 2016.

Where are you from, Az?
Right here, Serenity Harbor, Maine.

Tell us a bit about It Had To Be You.
Maddy Flynn wants to renovate her family home and hires me to be the general contractor. It's a great big old Victorian which the folks in town always called That Place. My job is to oversee the renovations and report progress back to certain members of the Town Council. Maddy doesn't know that so things get a bit sticky between us.

What did you think the first time you saw Maddy?
Given that she passed out and fell into my arms, I guess I thought she needed someone to take care of her.

What was your second thought?
I was working a shift on the volunteer ambulance squad; it was my job to transport her to the ER. By the time they let me see her again and we got to talking, I put her right up there in RLT: Real Looker Territory. She's got Charlise Theron's legs and Lauren Bacall's voice.

Did you feel it was love at first sight? 
Hell no, but my interest sure was tweaked.

What do you like most about Maddy?
She's got guts and a slew of imagination for what she wants the house to look like when it's all done. Plus, she's not intimidated by my mother, a rare occurrence around this town.

What made you choose general contracting for a second career? 
I followed in the old man's footsteps. What I learned from him, and from each previous job I finished, helped me know what needed to be done for Maddy's home.

Tell us a bit about Maddy's friends and how you feel about them. 
Suzanne Quimby was the first 'friend' I encountered. When she blew into the ER, it felt like all the air had been sucked out of the treatment cubicle. She's covered with tattoos so it's an experience--keeping my eyes above the line of her chin. With Suzie's knack for carving knives, a man is wise to give her a wide berth.
         Corazon Rivera is a former nurse who now takes care of Maddy and the house. I guess she'll take over hostess duties of Pine Tree Lodge once it's open for guests. Since Cori is super loyal and protective of Madeleine and practices some sort of ancient religion, I wouldn't cross her on a bet.
         Lou Rawlings is an interior designer and Maddy's best friend and confidant. I wouldn't dream of coming between them. Lou is a tad scary when he's riled.

What is your biggest fear? 
Living the rest of my life alone.

If you had to go back in time and do something different, what would it be? 
I would have waited a bit longer before I married the first time around. My wife and I were on different wave lengths but I failed to see it until it was too late. She wasn't happy when we moved back to Serenity Harbor. That thought didn't really sink in till I came home from work one day to find she'd cleaned out the house and took off for parts unknown.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why? 
I am a fan of the characters created by Daniel Silva. Based on Israel's Secret Service, the plots are timely and realistic. The characters' names have rhythm all their own: Gabriel Allon, Ari Shamron, Uzi Novott. They're short tempered, cranky and cynical--if I had to do their jobs, especially in today's world, I guess I'd be a smidge terse.

How about favorite movies? 
Since I'm an aging jock with creaky knees, I'll watch Major League or Miracle till the DVD's disintegrate and need replacement. More recently, Spotlight really rang my bell.

J.M.: I love those movies too. I'd add in Sandlot

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? 
This came from my father. It fits Maddy like a second skin. I wish Dad could have lived to meet her:
“. . .Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a feast. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She will multiply and enlarge what is given to her. So, my son, if you give her crap, you will get back more sh___t than any one human being can handle. . .”

Thanks for having me in for a visit, J.M. Come to Serenity Harbor and stop by Pine Tree Lodge. You won't be sorry.

J.M.: I will certainly stop by Pine Tree Lodge. It sounds like exactly what I need. I'm thrilled to have met you, Azrael. I hope I can call you Az, and be sure and come back soon! :-) 


         Madeleine Flynn returns to Serenity Harbor intent on restoring her beloved home to its former grandeur. Nothing will get in her way. Including a man who dresses in worn denim and pec-molding flannel and wields a power stapler with the grace of a philharmonic conductor. 
         Acting on their own agenda, local power brokers expect general contractor Azrael Hanson to monitor renovations on That House, tossing in diversions whenever possible. 
         Az is torn between duty to superiors and a private life he craves. If he stands with Maddy, a woman who dreams the impossible, he'll damage his career beyond salvage. If he follows orders, he'll lose a future with the only woman who makes him want forever.

         “Hanson,” she rasped between swollen, broken lips. “Are you from around here?”
         He nodded. “Born and raised. Why?”
         “I remember a family with six, maybe seven kids. All were named after the minor archangels. Are you part of that clan?”
         “I am. My family owns Hanson Scapes.”
         “So, you're from here, too,” he said, feeling more than a little stupid at the lame statement.
         Despite the ER doc's warning to not let her talk, Az liked the sound of  her voice. She may have lived in Serenity Harbor long enough to know about his mother's obsession with angels, but she hadn't stuck around long.
         With her height and that Lauren Bacall voice, a woman with her looks stayed in a man's mind. And this one fell under RLT.
         Real Looker Territory.
         “My name is Maddy Flynn.”
         One of his nastier habits was spitting out the first thing that came to mind. What came out of his mouth earned both feet, one elbow and the opposite fist all in one bite.
         “Oh, sure. You're the girl who wants to rehab the whorehouse.”







         Writing under the pseudonyms of Veronica Lynch and Kat Henry Doran, author Kathy Cottrell uses her past experience as a nurse, victim advocate and insurance investigator as fodder for her award winning stories which center around women and men who stand for the “less thans” of the world and manage along the way to find that one person who completes their lives.
         Outside of writing and creating tote bags, she is a devoted hand maiden and personal slave to the four brightest lights in the universe: Meredith and Owen, Ashlin and Kieran.

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  1. HI, JM. Thanks so much for giving me and Az a place to hang our hats for the day. He had a good time and I know I did, too. Your mention of The Sandlot brought back many good memories of watching that movie many many times with my kids as they were growing up. "You're killing me, Smalls" still makes me laugh.
    Can't wait for you to visit me at Wild Women Authors.
    Best wishes for a terrific holiday.
    Kat Doran

    1. You're welcome, Kathryn! Thrilled to have you and Az here. It was great getting to know Az; he has a lovely name.
      He clearly loves Maddy. :-)
      And, "You're killing me, Smalls" still makes me laugh too. So many good movies.
      Make sure you return with your next release, Kat. Until then, I can't wait to get to know Maddy a bit more too!
      All the best to you!! <3

  2. Sounds like a wonderful box set.
    Good luck and God's blessings to each of you!

    1. Hi, Pam! I agree. I need to grab me a blueberry pie and escape to Serenity Harbor!
      Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you too! <3